Grass-Fed Cow’s Milk

Europaea Free Range Farms cows graze in Ireland’s fertile, natural environment for over 250 days a year, with natural green grass accounting for over 90% of their diet.

The combination of the most advanced UHT technology and our new Bactofugation unit, keeps Europaea Free Range Farms milk at its purest, creamy best for longer removing all bacterial impurities, without any additives or preservatives.


The UHT process exposes liquids to heating and cooling stages in rapid succession instantly killing bacteria, spores and other impurities, while preserving vitamins and nutritional qualities. The special thermal treatment takes our milk past the boiling point to 135 – 150° C for a period of 2 seconds. The milk is then flash-cooled and is maintained at a cold temperature for the rest of the process.

This momentary series of rapid ‘ultra-heating’ and ‘flash cooling’ effectively inactivates bacteria and microorganisms, while maintaining the nutritional integrity of the milk. Vitamins, minerals and proteins are depleted during exposure to heat for extended periods in processes such as pasteurisation and boiling.  The milk is then passed to the Bactofugation unit and immediately put into a sterile Tetra-Pak shelf stable carton.

The completely airtight process prevents the product from being contaminated by any air-borne organisms. Therefore, once a pack of Europaea Free Range Farms milk is opened it must be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days.Inactivating and removing all bacterial elements compiled with the airtight, pre-sterilized packaging prolongs the validity period of milk without adding any preservatives.


Most microorganisms in milk are inactivated during the UHT process, except for trace elements of heat-resistant microorganisms. Bactofugation is a special process of separation that removes even these microorganisms from milk using centrifugal force, thereby; removing all living and dead microorganisms remaining in the milk after the UHT process.

Origin Green

Europaea Free Range Farms is also associated with Origin Green, the only sustainability programme in the world that operates on a national scale, uniting the government, private sector, and food producers through the Irish Food Board. Independently verified, the Origin Green charter sets, measures and helps achieve targets to reduce environmental impact, serve local communities more effectively, and protect Ireland’s rich natural resources.

Multiple quality checks guarantee that every pack can be traced back to the farm, while our Tetra Edge packaging ensures safety, and an optimum shelf life.

At Europaea Free Range Farms, you’ll love the milk for its taste and its purest possible state plus the environment will love you back for choosing consciously.