About our Products

Give your family the finest dairy products in the world, from some of the choicest, easy-going cows, Grass-Fed in a Free-Range lifestyle of pristine tranquility.

Produced with the most advanced technology, and the highest hygiene and safety standards, Europaea Free Range Farms proudly presents our products to you.

Europaea Free Range Farms proudly stands for:
Highest Health & Safety Standards
Animal Welfare
Optimum Usage of Water and Energy

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Free Range & Grass Fed

Europaea Free Range Farms produces dairy that comes from Grass-Fed cows that live a Free-Range lifestyle grazing on natural grass instead of a processed diet. Our cows graze on luscious grass, in open pastures for over 250 days a year. During winter, when grass stops growing; our cows are housed indoors to protect them from the weather. However, being indoors does not change their diet, their feed is grass silage.

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The Source

Ireland has some of the richest natural resources, and one of the most pristine air quality indexes in Europe: both fertile conditions for dairy productivity. Its temperate climate comes with mild winters and generous rainfall, leading to 80% of its land being covered in lush, nutritious, green grass.

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