The Source

Ireland has some of the richest natural resources, and one of the most pristine air quality indexes in Europe: both fertile conditions for dairy productivity. Its temperate climate comes with mild winters and generous rainfall, leading to 80% of its land being covered in lush, nutritious, green grass.

Based in Ireland, Europaea Free Range Farms’ cows have the advantage of grazing in large, open pastures, with fresh clean air, and most importantly, access to abundant green grass, which is over 90% of their diet. This helps our cows stay healthier, and produce milk in their natural environment, the way nature intended.


Irish cows are some of the laziest and least productive in the world. With one of the lowest average milk yield per cow, Irish cows spend more time lazing and grazing outdoors than yielding milk. This has an immense positive influence on the health and welfare of the cows, a priority at Europaea Free Range Farms.

Additionally, at less than 100 cows, Ireland’s average herd size is much smaller than other dairy producing nations, keeping water and energy usage at their optimum. Grass feeding also lowers GHG emissions, helping reduce its carbon footprint.

These abundant natural gifts combined with conscious dairy expertise help Ireland produce some of the best dairy in the world.